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Tamia Talks Tarot: What do the cards have in store for you?

I never realized until I met Tamia Hill of that the history of tarot cards was so vast and fascinating.

A few decades before the Tarot originated, playing cards came to Europe by way of the Arabs, that were a deviation of Mamluk cards. Some say this goes back even further to the Egyptians and Israelites. Aleister Crowley wrote ‘The Book of Thoth: A short essay on the Tarot of the Egyptians’ (OTO 1944). Helena Blavatsky mentioned Tarot in ‘The Secret Doctrine’ and ‘The Unveiling of Isis’ linking the origins of Tarot with Ancient Egypt. Across Europe, Tarot cards were collected and played in the parlors of wealthy homes and nobility. Tarot cards were originally known as “carte da trionfi” or Cards of Triumph. The Italians called the cards tarocchi, the Germans “tarock,” and the French labeled them “tarot.”

The earliest printed commentary on Tarot cards is documented in Italy (1540) in the work Le Sorti by Marolino. The first evidence of Tarot divination, was seen in Bologna in the 1700s. Ordinary playing cards did have a connection with divination as early as 1487 but the expansion of tarot cards for psychic readings and divination began in the 1700’s when Jean-Baptise Alliente, wrote and published the first guide to tarot card reading.

Whether you believe in the power of Tarot cards or not they have provided entertainment and given people a source of hope and treasured insights for centuries. Being a Tarot card reader, is quite a difficult job. What impressed me most about working with Tamia Hill is that she is an original. Tamia’s intentions are pure. She knows all the variations of the cards and their meanings, she’s super intuitive, she works from multiple decks and analyzes the story the cards reveal with a laser like quality checking and double checking with her spirit guides and yours in order to give you the most accurate reading.

My card reading experience with Tamia, was extraordinary in that she was 100% correct in what she revealed even picked up things that were between the lines if you will, things that I needed to look at and things that I needed to take action on but weren’t. We did my reading as she does all readings without meeting me. Tamia is so gifted and a joy to work with. These personality traits, along with her love for humankind, and her devotion to being a light in the world for herself and all others makes her a “GEM,” in my eyes and in my heart. Treat yourself and go to and see what the cards have in store for you.


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