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Kathy Barrett began her career in the Fashion, Music, and Film Industries working for Calvin Klein and Yves St. Laurent Menswear, Paramount Pictures, and Miramax Films. Although her earlier opportunities were in sales and marketing, the artist within was always struggling to emerge. Producer Sherry Fell invited her to create three programs for her LEGENDS series on MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) Internet Radio. It was in developing and hosting these shows on singers Celia Cruz, Marvin Gaye/Tami Terrell, and Dinah Washington that she saw the possibilities of radio.

Behind The Curtain,” is a socially conscious internet radio program, the intention of which is to build a global network of people in search of transformation not just for themselves but for the world. The show’s concept is to create awareness about the magnificence of who we are and who we can be when we focus positive energy individually and collectively. “BTC,” uplifts and informs without religious connotation. Like a beautiful painting that inspires us, listeners are given a portrait of a guest’s process from realization to metamorphosis. Our guest speakers constitute an array of fascinating people who share their life stories as part of their own healing process as they reveal how they turned adversity into opportunity. The lessons learned inspired them to design lives they love and to join the larger conversation of how we all can better serve humanity. 


As someone who has struggled to find her own voice, Kathy is committed to lighting the way for others as they seek to discover theirs. Kathy is especially devoted to amplifying the voices of those marginalized by society and providing a platform from which they can speak. We cover all aspects of life and do not shy away from any difficult subject matter. We are all connected regardless of where we live, no matter what our differences or difficulties are. Being able to tune in to our show at any time, from any place in the world means you are not alone on your journey.

Host Kathy Barrett

Tune In To Be Inspired 


I am captivated by the human spirit and passionate about documenting it in all forms of media.  As a Scorpio,  my natural inclination is to be a psychic detective, someone who is driven to dig below the surface of emotions in order to better understand what lies beneath.   I believe in each of us there lies a buried truth and when we share our discoveries, we create a road map for others to follow or be inspired by.

Associate Producer 

My name is Katie McLoughlin, I'm the Associate Producer/Digital Marketing Manager for Behind The Curtain. I have a passion for spirituality, meditation, astrology and all things holistic healing. I am a Certified Reiki Practitioner and a singer/songwriter. I've always had a burning desire to help people in raising their frequency in a world that needs to move towards MORE love. Although I am fairly new in my position here I am mesmerized by the way our guests stand in their power. Working for BTC has made me appreciate the value in having a voice and inspires me to use mine.

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About: Inner_about
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