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Lets talk about Race and Bigotry

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Pastor Ron Buford of the First Congregational Church of Long Beach, in Sunnyvale, CA. is committed to ending racism in his lifetime and so he founded "Racists Anonymous International,"  a 12-Step program modeled after the principles of Alcohol Anonymous. What if we treated racism as an addiction? Pastor Ron's theory makes absolute sense because racism is learned behavior. We are not born racists.  The good news is that each of us has the power to eliminate our racist & bigoted thought patterns but first we have to admit that there is a problem.

On the next episode of "BTC,"  Pastor Ron will moderate a Racists Anonymous meeting on-air.  The meeting will be attended by "BTC" Host Kathy Barrett and five other anonymous individuals who will speak about their beliefs. We are all interconnected yet we live separately often divided by religion, culture, and race.  If we are to end racism, we must begin by examining our own thoughts and beliefs.

We hope that you will tune in to this thought-provoking program because we feel confident that you will be inspired to examine your own thoughts and beliefs and join a Racists Anonymous Meeting. In doing so, you will be creating "peace" within, which then creates "peace" in the world.


Like Pastor Ron, I am also committed to ending racism and bigotry. Are you? Then, I hope you'll join us.


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