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Meeting and speaking with Olha Onyshko is one of the highlights of my life. Olha is not only a talented filmmaker and multimedia producer, she encapsulates all that is beautiful while exuding that fearless, wise, courageous Ukraine spirit that has inspired hearts around the world.

The people of Ukraine, led by President Zelensky are fighting to save Democracy not just for their country but for the world. It is Ukraine that stands in the way of Putin’s goal for world domination. Although the U.S., and other European countries are supplying Ukraine with money and weapons, and sanctioning Russia, it is the Ukrainian people who are putting their lives on the line. I understand my country and others fears about crossing a line that could very well instigate Vladimir Putin to start a nuclear war. Folks, WWIII has begun and if NATO and the U.S. would stand together united and fearless just as Ukraine is doing, I believe we could stop this war. The fear of Putin starting a nuclear war…I have news for you it’s going to happen whatever we do or don’t do. If it’s not Putin it will be another dictator who is watching what is happening right now. This kind of evil destructive force becomes more empowered when we stand in fear and hesitation.

I believe Putin has already invaded the United States from the inside out via the Republican party as well as conservative Christian Republican billionaires. I am disgusted by the Republican leadership who state by state are attacking not only everyone’s religious freedoms, but discriminating against people of color, immigrants, LGBT and anyone that doesn’t believe in their sick ideology.

People of faith, no matter what God they believe in or don’t believe in, never have to advertise what they are because they live the values and principals every day. We know the difference between right and wrong. I was always haunted by racism in America, and we are in even more danger now. This Republican party and their followers will rob this country until there is nothing left and they will walk over your dead body and that of your children to fill their pockets with gold just like the Nazi’s did. When there is nothing left, they will move on to another country just like Putin is doing with Ukraine.

Olha Onyshko, reminded me that “light always wins.” Olha’s 82-year-old mother Nadia whose name means “Hope,” is in Ukraine protecting her two dogs, her cat, her garden, her community and refuses to leave her country. Olha, who has every right to feel overwhelmed, and negative and full of hate right now, stands in love and compassion and has complete faith that Ukraine will survive this invasion. Olha, has inspired me to see that when we live in fear, it gives our enemies the advantage. Standing in love, acknowledging that we are all connected, that we live in one world, that if we work together without being motivated by greed and power, we can solve all the world’s problems. It’s the ego of a few whose goal is world domination that has become a threat to humankind.

Stand with Ukraine because Ukraine is fighting for you. I will continue to remind myself that love conquers all even during the darkest of moments as I witness the worst aspects of humanity. Those in my country who continue to support the Republican party WAKE-UP. If you are not fighting for equality, freedom, and dignity for all you are on the wrong side and you’re being an accomplice to the crimes being committed against humanity.


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