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Despite the Department of Homeland Security sounding the alarms to Donald Trump when he

first took office about the rise in white supremacist domestic terrorism, he ignored those

warnings. He froze millions of dollars allocated to the department to counter and prevent right-

wing violence and focused his attention on building a wall to keep refugees out when one of

the greatest threats to our country was the domestic terrorism rising from within.

Racism, white nationalism and violent hate groups have always been a part of our history but

the Trump presidency gave these groups the confidence to act without repercussion. The

Center for Strategic and International Studies found that attacks by far-right white nationalists

more than quadrupled between 2016 and 2017 while Trump was in power. One insurrection

later, we now know the reason why. Donald Trump, his supporters and almost all of the GOP

are in alignment with White Nationalists propaganda and right-wing violence.

We cannot rely on politicians to save us. We are the ones who will determine the future of our

country just as these hate groups have dictated what our present has become. This is why it’s

imperative for us to take action to combat hate in every way. We must speak out about every

injustice. If enough of us peacefully raise our voices people will start to pay attention and they

will feel freer to exercise their own voices. Corporations will stop supporting right-wing

politicians because of the momentum of our anti-hate movement and the power that we yield

to stop purchasing their products. We have the ability to impact their bottom line just as they

have utilized their power to impact ours.

“HATE HAS NO HOME HERE” should be everyone’s mantra. White nationalism, now referred to

as Christofacism, is a major global threat and is being followed by many Christian and Catholic

churches who have politicized their pulpits in favor of the extreme right philosophy. Hate is

hiding behind the banner of religion. These are very dangerous times we are living in and the

mid-term election in November of 2022 is our last chance to hold on to our democracy.

Familiarize yourself with this list of anti-hate websites

hate-groups and educate yourself about this dangerous and looming threat to our democracy.

Join an anti-hate group, become a Hate Watch Report monitor for your community, raise your

awareness so that you may help others do the same. These white supremacist groups are

recruiting your neighbors who may be down and out on their luck, or might be isolated because

of illness or poverty. Young people living in dysfunctional family situations who have no

direction or discipline and feel trapped in their environments are prey for these hate group

recruiters. Rally your communities to join the fight against hate by creating anti-hate

resolutions with your town leaders. Become a peaceful activist who stands in the way of this

hate-fueled philosophy and you will be helping to stop the violence from spreading further.

We can win this battle. We can alter the future of our country, which seems to be heading for a

civil war as well as a global one. Vladimir Putin is the leader of the Global Christian Right

Movement and there is nothing holy or sacred about his leadership or his invasion of Ukraine.

The senseless destruction of Ukraine is due to one man’s narcissistic ego. This beautiful country

and its soulful people now find themselves fighting to their death to defend their democracy

and we could very well be next if Putin isn’t stopped.

Apathy is the other greatest threat to our country. We can no longer sit back and leave the

problems for others to solve. We can become peaceful activists without leaving the comfort of

our living rooms so there is no excuse. All we have to do is commit. It is possible to eliminate

hate, the far-right bigoted and racist mindset and stop the misinformation and lies that spread

like terminal cancer throughout our country!

Each of us holds the power to create a more peaceful and loving world…so let’s do it!

Peace and gratitude,

Kathy Barrett


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