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A Call For Change

I enjoyed talking with Attica Woodson Scott, State Representative Kentucky about her past, present and future. Attica Woodson Scott is dedicated and passionate about fighting for justice wherever injustice prevails. I find her fearless and a breath of fresh air in a political climate that feels toxic at present.

Why do some people fear “progressives?” When I look at the agenda there is nothing to fear. If you fear the word progressive then you must not want to progress because in many ways we are moving backwards as a country. This is not a President Biden issue; this is because many of our politicians sole motivation is power and greed. Our welfare is not their consideration.

The state of Kentucky is a microcosm for what is wrong in many states across our country. Politicians on both sides have turned the other way while corporations have dumped toxic chemicals in to our rivers and land poisoning our environments. Kentucky in particular is an environmental mess. Granted, they are trying to clean it up now but tune in to my show with Attica Woodson Scott to hear about the environmental atrocities that have occurred in Kentucky. I for one am fed up with settling for the status quo.

Kentucky is ranked 33rd out of all the states. Why is it that Senator McConnell yields so much power in the senate? Kentucky is a state of 4.5 million people. Congressman Rand Paul? Both of these men have done nothing but stand in the way of programs that represent progress for all people. I’m not from Kentucky but I believe that anyone who is racist should not hold a leadership position. I’m speaking to Rand Paul specifically here. Mitch McConnell is also a racist he just doesn’t realize it yet. I also ask you why these two gents keep getting reelected with such a dismal track record like this? Would you hire a plumber to fix a leak in your house and keep hiring the same plumber to come back if the leak is never fixed?

Attica Woodson Scott, had to work harder than any of these politicians to arrive where she is today as it is not a fair playing field for women and especially women of color in politics. As a black woman in a Republican dominated political arena, she had to be the Muhammad Ali of politicians to get any laws passed at the State Capital. So how did the Republican party respond? They eliminated her seat through redistricting. Attica Woodson Scott, is now running for Congress to represent District 3 to replace Democrat John Yarmuth who has announced his retirement.

Some politicians pledge their allegiance to Corporate America/Trump/Conservative Religious Right/Putin and herein lies the problem. Republican controlled states are making laws to take away a women’s right to choose, suppressing the right to vote for people of color and banning books that don’t agree with their Conservative Right agenda or are written by authors of color or LGBT communities. Our religious freedoms are on the line now and this is taking our country in a very dangerous direction. If Republicans win the majority during the mid-term elections you can kiss your democracy and this country good-bye.

I urge you whether you are Democrat, Independent, or Republican to be selective about who you vote for, our Democracy depends upon it. Too many unqualified dangerous people are getting into power because we’re all too busy trying to survive and we are responsible in part for creating this mess. Your voice is your vote. Change happens on a local level so SHOW UP for every election and vote!


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