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Host Kathy Barrett interviews people from around the world from writers to politicians to creatives and innovators who share how overcoming challenges and obstacles led them to discover their true life's  purpose. Our guests are up to fascinating things in life, and all share a similar goal -- to contribute to our world in order to make it a better place to live for all of us. 

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Before I Leave You

A Memoir on Suicide, Addiction and Healing

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Choose Life


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Every forty seconds around the globe a person commits suicide.


Robert Imbeault’s Before I Leave You: A Memoir on Suicide, Addiction and Healing is a book for our time. If you have a problem with addiction, whether it's origins derive from work, sex, alcohol, or are drug-related, if you are feeling suicidal, if you have been sexually abused and are struggling or if you have lost a loved one to suicide, this book is a must-read.


Robert Imbeault is a successful entrepreneur and childhood sexual abuse survivor. At the height of his phenomenal career, repressed memories of a sexual assault trigger a five-year suicidal drug and alcohol binge. Robert was on a mission to end his pain and his life. Luckily for us, Robert finds sobriety on a road less traveled and he rewrites the ending of his life story. Robert Imbeault’s memoir is POWERFUL because he doesn't skip over the ugly truths to arrive at his happy ending. His authentic voice is a beacon of light for anyone struggling and especially if you are contemplating suicide.


One in five women and one in thirteen men report being sexual abused as a child.

Naomi Judd  R.I.P and to all who have lost a loved one to suicide my heart will always be with you.

This show is dedicated to the memory of my brother, John Harold McGinley Jr.


If you are thinking about suicide or know someone who is please reach out to one of these hotlines for help.






Canada Suicide Prevention Service at 1-833-456-4566 (24/7)

For residents of Québec, call 1 866 APPELLE (1.866.277.3553)


Visit Crisis Services Canada for the distress centers and crisis organizations near you https://www.opencounseling.com/hotlines-ca

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