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Host Kathy Barrett interviews people from around the world from writers to politicians to creatives and innovators who share how overcoming challenges and obstacles led them to discover their true life's  purpose. Our guests are up to fascinating things in life, and all share a similar goal -- to contribute to our world in order to make it a better place to live for all of us. 

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 Vote Blue To Save America

Meet Democratic Candidate: Addison Caruso
State House Representative
District 36 - Ohio 

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Addison Caruso was a young high-school student when his mother introduced him to the power of voting. As Mrs. Caruso knocked on doors to help elect former President Barack Obama, Addison accompanied her and became an intern for President Obama's campaign when he ran for re-election four years later. At an early age, Addison recognized the power that each of us holds to create positive change and he set his career sites on being of service to those marginalized by society as a lawyer working for the Legal Aid Society.

As Republicans monopolized power at the state level, Addison witnessed a steady decline in the quality of life for Ohioans.  Addison is dedicated and passionate about solving the problems that extremist Republican rule have created. Addison is running as the Democratic candidate for District 36 against Republican incumbent Andrea White who does not believe in the rights of woman or girls to make autonomous decisions about their own body and reproductive functions. Tune in to meet Addison Caruso and listen to his plans to lead Ohioans into a future filled with unlimited possibilities and equality for all.

We are two elections away from losing our democracy if Democrats do not hold on to the house majority and win more of a majority in the Senate. Vote. Vote Blue. Vote in large numbers like your life depends on it because it does. Vote Blue to Save Our Democracy. Vote Blue To Save America.

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