The Icon Hunter

The Icon Hunter: A Refugee's Quest to reclaim Her Nation's Stolen Heritage, published by Pegasus Books is scheduled to be released on April 11th. The memoir of Tasoula Hadjitofi, was co-written with writer, producer, host, Kathy Barrett and is available for purchase on


The Icon Hunter

April 11th - Publisher Pegasus Books launches the release of the The Icon Hunter, the memoir of Tasoula Hadjitofi, founder of Walk of Truth. The book is co-written by Kathy Barrett.

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The Making of The Icon Hunter

Scenes from Cyprus

Tasoula Hadjitofi looking across the bay at the Ghost City.

Kathy Barrett & Tasoula Hadjitofi

Tasoula Hadjitofi became a refugee of Cyprus in 1974 during the Turkish invasion and did not return to the occupied area until the summer of 2013.  In this photograph, Tasoula faces her past. Just across the bay is Varosha, the place of her birth and what was her beloved home for the first fourteen years of her life. Varosha is a "Ghost City," frozen in time since the invasion and controlled by the Turkish military. Taking photographs of the "Ghost City" is forbidden.