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WTF Governor Cuomo?

NYPD has some rotten apples. I understand that the police have to keep order but there has to be restrictions on how they apply force and the NYPD has to get rid of the bad apples and retrain officers about not abusing their authority. NOT ALL COPS ARE RACIST OR BAD. I know that. Why is the NYPD arresting journalists and hitting people with clubs? Why is the NYPD Union boss so full of rage? We get a photo shot of Shea taking a knee and then we watch NYPD brutally attack innocent people who are exercising their First Amendment rights on the nightly news. Which image do we believe? We believe the actions and the actions tell us that there is an abuse of power going on.

Then there's this... Excerpt from an article taken from

"The Intercept."

"The Civilian Complaint Review Board, New York’s independent office for investigating police abuses, has received 467 complaints since Friday, when the protests started, “and is committed to fully investigating them,” a board spokesperson told The Intercept. But the police department is investigating only six, according to Shea. The NYPD spokesperson did not answer questions about several instances of police violence and misconduct that were caught on video. A spokesperson for the Attorney General’s office told The Intercept they are aware of the NYPD radio exchange, but declined to comment further or provide detail on any other ongoing investigation into police actions."

And, this....

So Governor Cuomo, with all due respect, what are you apologizing to the NYPD for? These cops should not be abusing people period. If people are breaking the law re: looting or damaging public property it still doesn't give the cops the authority to administer brute force.

Police departments all over the country have a PR problem. For too long now, nothing has been done to remove the bad cops and too many black people have died without justice being served. If ever there was a time for police departments nationwide to show they are not their reputation it is now and yet we continue especially in NYC to see the same old story play out again.

Governor Cuomo, you're better then this.

Please, straighten out this mess.