Our show "GRACE UNDER FIRE" tells the story of how making a wrong turn led Grace McKinnon to intervene in a confrontation between a homeless man with mental health issues and police. The confrontation was escalating and her quick action of shielding the homeless man as she talked him and the police down saved a life in the process. Grace was homeless herself once for most of her childhood and has had to overcome impossible conditions to survive and thrive in life. Grace shares her fascinating life story as well as her observations about what we need to do as a society to shift the plight of the homeless and those struggling with mental health issues and addiction. We are the heroes and sheros we've been waiting for people and Grace shows us how to be extraordinary in our every day lives. Speak up and speak out when you see injustice.

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In Search Of Spiritual Intelligence

In Search of Spiritual Intelligence OFC.

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Compassion Rising

Michael Fitzpatrick is a recipient of the Prince Charles Award for Outstanding Musicianship bestowed by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales.  He conceived and produced the groundbreaking COMPASSION recording and film project inspired by the friendship between His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the late Thomas Merton.

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Restorative Justice


Jacob Dunne was a 19-year-old high school dropout serving a 13-month sentence for manslaughter after throwing one unsolicited punch which took the life of 28-year-old James Hodgkinson, a paramedic trainee.

The parents of James Hodgkinson (Joan Scourfield and David Hodgkinson) were devastated. How could Jacob receive such a light sentence committing manslaughter? What  lead Jacob to take the life of their precious son and what was preventing Jacob from repeating such a heinous act in the future? 


Remedi UK, a charitable organization in the U.K. specializing in restorative justice, stepped in and facilitated a meeting between the two parties. BTC HOST KATHY BARRETT interviews NICOLA BANCROFT - Assistant Director of Remedi UK, Joan Scourfield and David Hodgkinson (parents of deceased James Hodgkinson) and Jacob Dunne, about how restorative justice is transforming lives in the United Kingdom.


MARK NEPO, poet, philosopher, and New York Times #1 best selling author of "The Book of Awakening: Having The Life You Want By Being Present To The One You Have", speaks on the journey of inner transformation.


 Having The Life You Want

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