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Behind The Curtain, is an internet radio show about life and how we navigate down "the not so yellow-brick road of it."

Our world is at a crossroads. Our lives are intersecting with one of the most difficult and uncertain times in history. Between global warming, and the pandemic bringing most countries to a halt, people are at their breaking points. I personally am outraged at the inequality and injustice happening to people of color in the United States and to the immigrants whose families were separated under Trump's presidency. America,  one of the richest countries in the world has one out of every five households food reliant.  This is what happens when people in power value GREED and PROFIT over human lives. 


Around the globe people are fleeing from their countries because of  internal war and millions of families are desperately searching for a country who can provide them safety.  Global warming will make this an even bigger issue if we don't take action now.   What can we do about this as human beings? We must all take personal responsibility for what happens next and to each other. It is time for each of us to realize that what happens in our country impacts the world. We are connected and must address this problem in unity.


The political extremists in America, those hiding under the guise of "religion," and "nationalism" are trying to destroy our democracy, and take away our voting rights. There is no place for hatred or discrimination in our society and there is an over abundance of it happening in America right now. "We the people," must take an active, peaceful role in seeing that our democracy remains stable. What does that mean? Get involved with what is happening on a local level in your area politically because that's where it begins. Today, you can volunteer easily for the candidate of your choice from the comfort of your living room. Who is running for office as your Sheriff, Attorney General, Congressman/woman? We can't just vote once a year and expect that politicians will look out for our best interests. Some people get into office for the wrong reasons. Donald Trump as an example, profited by earning 1.8 billion dollars while President. Trump looked out for his personal interests and that of his wealthy donors at taxpayers expense. Trump turned COVID-19 into a political battle and over 500,000 thousand Americans are dead because of his cruel and inept mismanagement. Think about that. 


Behind The Curtain is a reprieve from all the day to day stresses. BTC presents stories of ordinary people who choose to be extraordinary. Our guests will share their process from ordinary to extraordinay leaving you a road map to navigate on your own.  Overcoming insurmountable challenges quite often leads us to discover our true calling.  We must each choose to be extraordinary now if we want to shift the course of what is happening to our world. We can do it.  My wish is that you too will become inspired and join this army of peaceful warriors in making a difference in the world for all of us.

I like to think of this show as the little engine that could, remember the famous children's book by Watty Piper? Before Behind The Curtain went on hiatus (I was writing a book) it grew from a mailing list that was circulated to 100 people to having 70,000 tune in. My wish is to expand our listener base around the world and reach millions. This is my personal challenge but I can't succeed without your listening. Together, I know we can make a better world.

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